Too much loneliness in this city of vice,

Take me back to another, easier time.

Where everyone around me isn’t consumed by a device,

And face-to-face conversations aren’t a crime.


Meant to bring people together,

It truly only breaks us apart.

People living in a simulated reality,

Trying to digitally document it all before they depart.


Is that how you want to be remembered?

From statuses, online albums and party pictures?


A world started by oral and written histories,

Now bogged down by filtered discrepancies.

Tainted pictures used to keep us mysteries,

While the Internet documents your life’s miniseries.


Information just a quick click away,

True research a thing of the past.

Sitting around a computer wasting our days,

Thinking a picture on your phone will make these memories last.


Can’t we just go back to a simpler time?

When I remembered your birthday and you knew mine?


Internet envy leading to private depression,

Embellishment without discretion

I only want a societal repossession,

Just for everyone to step back and question…


This isn’t a call for a rebellion or a revolution,

But was technology really supposed to be part of our evolution?


Jordan Valentine, USA

My Peter Pan

This adventure damn it’s been,

A long and arduous one with no end.

I cannot get a grip on reality,

Truly no one likes you when you are 23.


My discontent as an “adult”

A childhood cut short, quickly like a throat

Left me in this limbo

Between old and young, right and wrong

Thankfully it’s time to say so long


Saying goodbye to what held me back,

Has been harder than most can grasp.

Trying to stay a child, all the while

I was lost on my journey


Five years gone,

Where did I go wrong?


Jordan Valentine, USA