peek inside my twisted mind,

with odds and ends,

and a tire swing.

all walls and corners and empty space.

peek inside my twisted mind,


the sunken battleships

and broken bottles.

past ashes and hangnails,

lined paper and torn sails,

past the trails of words we said,

and have since forgotten,

of anger and passion

and sinful desire

peek inside my twisted mind,

to piece together a shattered past

of murmured secrets,

and sheltered pleasures.

ignore the individual,

the instances and each scrap,

each odd and end and pile of shit

each bookend, and poem, each pencil shaving

and ripped shirt,

instead look at

the wholly fucked up mass,

and find a pattern to appease

and please

and put at ease

both you and me

and anyone else who may desire to

peek inside

my twisted mind.


Gabrielle Sherman, USA