My Clean Pants

Listen to me, for i have much to say.

You are to understand that the pants

i am wearing are assumed to be

my “clean” ones correct?

Foolish, how wrong of your

accusation. For i have NOT washed

these pants since they’ve come

into my possession.


I understand if you are taken

back (as you should be)

This must be quite the blow

to your visual scanning skills

that detect clean pants from

dirty ones.


You don’t have to say anything,

i just wanted you to know…


Michael Pinero, USA

A Gift

There’s Only one thing about me thats

interesting. I’m normal in everyway

No talent, no money, no job


However, i have a very odd subnote to

myself. When i was 7 years old, a little

blonde girl gave me a present.

And i have never opened it.

I’m going to open it when i turn 77.

Until then i’ll wonder.


People disagree sure, They say things like

“what if you die before then?”A Gift

I tell them “That will be the poetry

of my life”


But sometimes i think i’ll never

know whats in it.


Michael Pinero, USA