No Pretending

it may be said that to fill a basket with

just one persons eggs would be foolish

but i find foolishness in pretending.

you are my happiness

boundless and otherworldly

unattached from this soil of endings

you continue holding my hand

to mornings

of heavy winds that can only hold me up

when my feet tend to sink

on nights when the sky is darker than any hour

you bring the light of dawn to my doorsteps

and sit quietly with me

pulling my every silent desire into your wanting hands

and forming day out of every single one

you are my happiness

that couldn’t crawl its way into existence

before I learned to sink into your palms

and let you lay into my open crevices

that only ever held your name

you are every meaning of elation

and interpretation of lasting bliss.

to call on your name

and believe in your step

is my most intricate pleasure.

you hand me the fullest moons of satisfaction

and relieve my infinite paths of craving

you have left my every pocket full

of your purest intention and reliable truth

you are simply the reversal of any heavy grey sky

and insurmountable mess

you are my happiness and

happiness will always be you.

no pretending to do


Sky Lucas, USA