The Jig is up

Look I am rusty

I am tarnished

I am bent all out of shape

get this

I am scarred, knees skinned,

and fingers calloused

didn’t you know you

can’t teach an old folk singer

new licks

I am a bad dog who

has fallen for his own

“good boy” tricks,

and when I get

out of bed I

bump my head

and roll over

like Beethoven

who couldn’t even

hear his own early morning

bird-chirp symphony


Ivan Jenson, USA

Necessary Tools

I was blessed

with certain gifts

and cursed

with glaring


then I was taught

valuable lessons

which never really applied

to challenges I faced

and so I was never

adequately prepared

for what was thrown

at the fan

and found myself

winging it

by the seat of my pants

which made me seem like

a delinquent dilettante

doodling on the forms

that one fills out

to pass the test

get the job

or the license

to drive one’s self


going in

the daily circles

like an abstract

master of

the postmodern

art of

getting by


Ivan Jenson, USA

White Flour

She is positive

her negative

view point

has sustained

her soft edge

by tainting

her white

broken down

picket fence


which would have

kept out


and burglars

yet kept her

living in a bubble


bumble bees, bugs

and bullies

and since

she has always

been passed

around like

an open bottle

of discount wine

she sometimes



yet still sweet

like battered


something that

melts on

the wonderful

Wonder Bread

sheets of her

lover’s bed


Ivan Jenson, USA