Reflector Beams

so finite

in infinite space,

the mind seeks

for aesthetic reasoning

in order for the body

to feel the answers

conjured up within

the diluted tangles.


i use the tattered circle

up above as a group

of a million fireflies

igniting the sky.

having the ability

to connect with

foreign pupils’

of people

at the

same moment…


to be locked-in

at the same sight

of relative existence.


our eyes

have blotched

the moon with grey

sunspots of

broken images.


E. Eliot, USA

The Mountain Men

the scene

is dominated

by tall standing

trees for buildings–

industrialized by Mother,

Her roots become

enslaved by

alpha waves.


hanging in triplets,

they divide the frame

into segments,

transforming peaceful

cotton balls to contorted

giants of the sky.


they represent


of the emotional zodiac–

these figures revolve

around the sign of

hopelessness hope-

for their formations

have several meanings

we have assigned to them.


the constant

motion of

unsettling equilibrium–


we find balance

in metal frames

that transports

currents that flow

in misguided routes

throughout the body.


for blood is just

the substitute

for the electricity–

before the blue

turns to red,

the voltage makes

the fluid glow

and taste

like lightning.


backs aligned

against chairs,

we quickly

straighten up

our spines in

adjustment to

the scoliosis

of the mind.


for the curvatures

in signatures leave

unimpressive impressions

upon her gentle surface.


we are the jekyll

to her hyde, with

no doctor needed.


and all we do

is leave Her

in hindsight.


yet we are Her

beautiful children…


we are parasitic

humanistic organisms.


E. Eliot, USA