Meditation On Anything Other Than Him

Not that salvation materializes from

talk only. Also,

escape can not live in a

lotus position; five sun salutations

later everything is louder

I can’t seem to learn enough French

restyle my kitchen flippantly

tear down those memories until all the

faces are shattered

Our cacophony loops still–

the overlapping shouting and silence

the footsteps heavy

that door, resounding.


Joy Donnell, USA

I Broke the Vacuum

that damn vacuum

a little robotic circle


naturally autotronic

from corner to corner

of every expanse

without a single push

or encouragement

taking in the world

while desiring nothing

from it

just born this way

I have spent my life

crying from the crib

straining to muffle my

screams with a lotus


and this robot is more

enlightened than me


so, today

I’ll have a hammer

and none of that

you damn completion

in your circle

no more.


Joy Donnell, USA