in the darkness, all things are

possible, pitch black necessity,


eyes closed, searching and

perceiving beyond the light,


in a vacuum of fear, no crevice or

splinter, there could be anything

waiting, persisting, created,


a voided perception, the starless

bright, unlit, lying before the heart


a rotating enchantment, pulsing

vital, in lively dark hue.


Ras Dia, USA


smiling daughters scheme a shadowed

tryst, a trio for two; beautiful


pirates hoisted away in panting

disposition, their pinned legs


offend a dubious mope, who

pleasantly mocks fatigue, while


drinking in their offense, he,

knowing all too well of trembled


whispers, looks on to the

kitchen, as they sneak but tarry on.


Ras Dia, USA

The Quack’s Meow

Scattered and straddling, staring and

starving, they hope to catch from uneven

rocks, sans boating, the floating flocks, but


wary of concreted accompaniment, fowls

avoid foul purring which preys and prays for

their mustard-apricot shaded entree, they


counter and flaunt with

gandering chevaliers, like

feathered pond cows, grazing

graveled feed; ignoring no

trespass, they tread drenched and

soar proud, fearlessly gliding, but


glide impaired vultures sorely imagine

succulent flight, in air, the heirs of

wet whetted night, their composing color the

stray packs admire, it passes from

pavement to trickling path, eluding

ill-tempered desire, so


scattered and straddling uneven

stacks, they remain staring and

starving and hoping.


-in honor of Morningside Park

Ras Dia, USA