Ship in the Gloom

On the milky margin drifts

a ship, rocking like a tired soldier,

war-torn and indifferent beneath

the gauzy halo of the moon

From the shore I watch her lurching,

a to-and-fro motion that sets me dizzy

until my vision is a narrow tunnel

wrestling with the raging sea

Frothing, the mighty beast

licks her heaving wooden sides

and I wonder at her fortitude,

which is more than I can manage

On the sand I am steady, sheltered

and yet I feel the deck beneath my feet,

battered and buffeted I brace for ill weather

and watch the clouds closing in


Sarah Williams, USA

Little Girl, Lost

You fall through hidden burrows,

Through the center of the


Chasing White Light down

Dark Hallways.

You are bigger than your foes but

You are wide-eyed and

Young, and

Their Red Lies bleed quick through your

Porcelain Skin.

You live a fantasy life,

Holding fast to false friends and

Make-believe dreams


When you come out the other side

You will see things differently,

The world backwards, and

Upside down and


Trapped behind the glass, a

Frozen mirror.


Your mouth moves but

Nothing comes out.


J. Bodwell, USA