Unguarded Moment

I have a fly totally mad
or maybe its glad
full of rapture
it can loop the loop
lets out a whoop
each time it evades capture

Just now it appeared asleep
yet it gave a leap
when i went to swat
it seems it has lots of eyes
impossible to surprise
it always seems to spot

Whatever ploy i plan
according to a fly a man
comes well down a list
way below even spiders
even open traps of sweet ciders
but now i am top of the list

i caught it off guard kissing another

George Ashdown, England

Feeding Time

Sly Fox stays
Hidden in Shadow
His eyes peer out through
Night’s veil
The only sound,
Wise Owl hooting
softly from his perch

Sly Fox makes no noise as
he slinks through Night
A flash of bright catches his eye and
he is paralyzed.
White Rabbit moves timid,
Nervous to be out,
Drawing foes to his

It is a quick dance
Not a sound as
Sly Fox makes red of White Rabbit
His fierce eyes look up at you,
Notice you watching

You think he is
tricky in the way he moves but
He is only eager
to survive


J. Bodwell, USA

oceanic snow

you could let me drift.

oh, please
let me drift
among the jellies and eels
of the unknown deeps.

i might grow gills
i might grow fins and start
my own chain of bioluminescence,
frail whites, soft reds
and all of that.

floating and breathing
among the oceanic snow
those dead bodies
floating to rest
in ground we’ve never seen.

you could let me drift,
like buoys
pointing nowhere out
to discerning eyes.

or like a body
cast off in the night,
to float, eventual collapse,
and then,
the slow fuzzy snow
of the ocean
on down down down
into the muck.

you could let me drift, drift.


J. Endress, USA