Too much loneliness in this city of vice,

Take me back to another, easier time.

Where everyone around me isn’t consumed by a device,

And face-to-face conversations aren’t a crime.


Meant to bring people together,

It truly only breaks us apart.

People living in a simulated reality,

Trying to digitally document it all before they depart.


Is that how you want to be remembered?

From statuses, online albums and party pictures?


A world started by oral and written histories,

Now bogged down by filtered discrepancies.

Tainted pictures used to keep us mysteries,

While the Internet documents your life’s miniseries.


Information just a quick click away,

True research a thing of the past.

Sitting around a computer wasting our days,

Thinking a picture on your phone will make these memories last.


Can’t we just go back to a simpler time?

When I remembered your birthday and you knew mine?


Internet envy leading to private depression,

Embellishment without discretion

I only want a societal repossession,

Just for everyone to step back and question…


This isn’t a call for a rebellion or a revolution,

But was technology really supposed to be part of our evolution?


Jordan Valentine, USA

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