My Peter Pan

This adventure damn it’s been,

A long and arduous one with no end.

I cannot get a grip on reality,

Truly no one likes you when you are 23.


My discontent as an “adult”

A childhood cut short, quickly like a throat

Left me in this limbo

Between old and young, right and wrong

Thankfully it’s time to say so long


Saying goodbye to what held me back,

Has been harder than most can grasp.

Trying to stay a child, all the while

I was lost on my journey


Five years gone,

Where did I go wrong?


Jordan Valentine, USA

6 thoughts on “My Peter Pan”

  1. This is incredibly prevalent to the Millenial generation. Is there any way to get in touch with this author?

  2. Does this have to do with a lost love who got away? Perhaps I am reading too far into this, but would love to know.

  3. Hi there! Is this about a lost love? Perhaps I am reading to much into this, but I would love to know…

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