I Became Mean at Prat Airport

Yesterday you said I was mean,

that I don’t care about people,

that I only think about myself and what’s convenient for me…

And it is true…

I became mean at Prat Airport.

I used to work boarding and disembarking

passengers with reduced mobility.

I had to “hook” them in Terminal A,

that’s how the whole thing started…

A horrible polyester uniform,

four summers ago,

hitting 102 degrees,

and getting poorly paid,

I depended on tips

to afford my little luxuries.

Arabs knew how to tip

but old Spanish ladies didn’t,

so I ignored them

and kept on going

pushing an empty wheelchair.

It is the small needs that

twist our moral values.


Blanca Haddad, Venezuela


I would rather be trapped in your body

Banished from earth

Beneath your rib cage

Adjacent to your heart

Spend the rest of my life in solitary confinement

Behind the bars of your bones

Just to be adjacent

Just to be near


Lorraine Pejai Smith, USA