Oh, the Polarity!

The distance between

Two parties who



Is where wisdom lies


As blood splatters

Differ by the wound

The space in the scatter

Reveals cryptic runes



Soothsayers soothing

With no real fruit

For there is no sooth

Only the distance






J.W. Dalton, USA

The Girl at New Seasons

She looks like you.

I can’t quite explain how, but she looks like you.

She sits like you.

Stares intently at her subject matter like you

Pulls her hair back to one side like you


She wears a scarf and smiles like you

Smiles at her phone and gets up in her earthy green attire like you

Wears skinny jeans and TOMS like you

And my heart just stopped.


She smiles at small children,

Which is not something you’d do,

But that’s okay.

Not everyone is perfect.


But it is not you.

You are there and I am here.

I want to get up and talk to her

Like I used to talk to you.

But it is not you.



Michael Pfeiffer, USA


The clock

Beats time on the wall, one, two, three hours that I’ve been lying on my back,

My side, my front. Sleep, sleep.

Tap out the time in lines on my white walls. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Lights on, lights off. Count the bruises on my legs. One, two, three

Purple stains on my calf, my thigh. Sleep, sleep.

White walls, my clock

Taps out time. One, two, three clicks mark another wasted night, another neon light.

Sleep, sleep.

My lighter sparks, one, two, three glimpses

Of my face in the mirror, striated, dilapidated, my mother’s eyes–

Sleep, sleep.


Louise Knight, Scotland