Baring Free

Our bodies are breaking.

Our bodies are looking in mirrors.

Our bodies are crying to be touched by all hands.

Bodies lean to the side.

Bodies scream with wet pride and fear.


On Earth we are animals.

It is touch that places us here.

Not just the kind you feel, but the kind you know

with fingers caressing our innermost bones.

I feel the same fingers from before this body I am in now,

and again, and again before,

becoming each now and then distantly known within one common ground.


We are the infinite souls unbounded to breathe and fly free

so why not share our breath

and allow each of us to believe in our bodies as sacred?


We are made of the same dirt with different beats in different heats spinning with what

equally hurts.


It is the beauty in love that makes it all worth

baring our bodies to be scraped and purged

before that love becomes endless in the skies around us

and that beauty becomes faceless shining boldly beneath mud.


Our bodies are naked.

Our bodies are bare.

Our bodies are trying to be touched not by hands.

Bodies breathe. We don’t hide.

Bodies leave to defy all fear.


Sophia Elizabeth Cox, USA

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