My Muse

Soul sung through pipes

bowl smoke dances

to your Salsa

you twirl to the Oldies

heart beat-ing like Hip-Hop

Rap me up

with a Reggae sound

Rock my world with your Rhythm

& Blues

the music of your existence

plays out in every instance

I hear you,

strumming into my brainwaves

pounding your way into my heart space

humming a tune into my blood flow

keying the lock to open me

& make me whole, you stole vinyl

scratched them & timed poetry

I see the truth in the lyrics you speak beautifully

you’re Classical, every molecule in sync

orchestrated in a way to keep me on the edge of my seat

let me plug into your stereo

blast you on loud

get lost in my muse

& see what you’re all about


Branden E. Balenzuela, USA

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