The Revolution Will Be Poeticized

The revolution will be poeticized

No matter what they say

Words dripping from the sky

A dystopian

Fourth of July

Rhyming alongside

Financial decline

A plague upon the average




Held hostage for what they are

Their expression

Deemed threatening in certain

Parts of the world

Demonized creators

Indulging in daring to dream

Blinding out

Feelings of superiority

Replaced with a fervent need for



Aaron Middlepoet Jackson, USA

A To-Do-for-Myself List

To put myself on the path to ultimate self-love, I should:

Have faith in myself.

Think positively.

Quit being so hard on myself.

Put an end to perfectionism.

Don’t let the past define me.

Relinquish the past.

Stop comparing myself to others.

Be my own best friend.

Follow my passions.

Work on my goals and ideal self.

Develop gratitude by doing good.

Love and respect others.

Be accepting of love.


And most of all I should…

Cherish and be myself.


Cute list, but I’d prefer this shorter, easier-to-follow one:




Repeat until passing out.

Wake up and do it tomorrow night.


Teresa Edmond, USA