I Remember

I remember my first kiss

I remember my first journal

I remember the tick tock silence

(I remember) of my grandma’s house

I remember when I dreamed

(I remember) only in the future tense

I remember the way we felt

(I remember) all the emotions at the same time

I remember when blue was my favorite color

I remember before you came and changed my life

I remember everything and nothing of my childhood

I remember his heat and

(I remember) his laugh but

(I remember) it only happened some times

I remember for only a second

(I remember) I doubted it

I remember being alone in the bathroom with a scissor in my hand

I remember crying, loving, longing, hating

I remember every glance in the mirror made me gag

I remember you giving me hope

I remember you bringing me home.


Teresa Mason, USA

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