My Dude’s Doppelganger

This was made for the generations,

Like the creamiest malt.


From the cherry nipping apparatus

Can you see the bugling brasses,

Prancing viola playing lasses,

Chimneyswept vesper flashes?

Is that really me? Could it be my fault?


To the ashes,

Topaz eyelashes.

Only diamonds of time

Well hope to exalt.


Smell is fell.

Ahh, nothing

and maybe a bit of soap.

The gearing vault.


An engine of a man

Ought never grind to total halt,


Until his ash in the pan

filters into my salt.


Harrison Gross, USA


in the darkness, all things are

possible, pitch black necessity,


eyes closed, searching and

perceiving beyond the light,


in a vacuum of fear, no crevice or

splinter, there could be anything

waiting, persisting, created,


a voided perception, the starless

bright, unlit, lying before the heart


a rotating enchantment, pulsing

vital, in lively dark hue.


Ras Dia, USA

I Remember

I remember my first kiss

I remember my first journal

I remember the tick tock silence

(I remember) of my grandma’s house

I remember when I dreamed

(I remember) only in the future tense

I remember the way we felt

(I remember) all the emotions at the same time

I remember when blue was my favorite color

I remember before you came and changed my life

I remember everything and nothing of my childhood

I remember his heat and

(I remember) his laugh but

(I remember) it only happened some times

I remember for only a second

(I remember) I doubted it

I remember being alone in the bathroom with a scissor in my hand

I remember crying, loving, longing, hating

I remember every glance in the mirror made me gag

I remember you giving me hope

I remember you bringing me home.


Teresa Mason, USA